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Reiki Training

"Rei Ki" literally translates as Divine (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki)."

Amy Dove is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher in the Usui Tradition


In the traditional healing art of Reiki, learning the practice is not only studying how to think about and perform the physical activities involved, but most importantly, 'attunement' passes from Master to student through the traditional violet breath , connecting the student to all that Reiki encompasses.

Attunement is the opening of the pathway for healing to occur. Reiki is not massage, nor any other body work, but an energy alignment that brings the body/mind into balance, and which calls forth Divine facilitation of health benefits that are individual to each recipient.


Reiki classes consist of sharing the Reiki attunement using traditional methods through the violet breath, teaching technique, and providing the opportunity to practice. Plus, Amy remains available as a lifetime resource for students.


  • Reiki 1 Certification:  passes the first of these powerful symbols and attunes the student to physical healing energies. With this certification, a student is able to use Reiki on themselves and their family. The price for Reiki 1 certification is $100.

  • Reiki 2 Certification: passes the next two symbols and allows the student access to emotional as well as distance healing. With this certification, the student is considered a practitioner and can now charge money or the equivalent equal energy exchange for their services. The price for Reiki 2 certification is $200.

  • Reiki 3 Certification: at the Master level the receiver achieves teacher status.  Two more symbols are passed including the key that allows one to pass the attunement. The price is $500.

Currently, all classes are private. In the future, group classes will be offered, as well, when two or more students are interested.

To convey your interest, please contact me, and sign up to learn of class offerings by email.

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