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Sound & Reiki Healing

Relax, Release, Receive . . .


The circulation of energy mirrors the circulation systems of your body. When you are fully relaxed, your body-mind connection finds ease, releasing dis-ease, to achieve a healthy state -- a state of well-being.  


Resistance holds onto energy that does not serve us, and creates dis-ease. Dis-eased energy clouds our mind/body connection, and thus, our ability to heal. Tuning our energy centers with sound-vibration helps us open energy centers.


Divine Life-Force Energy, "Reiki," remains blocked until relaxation and release of dis-eased energy is accomplished. Then, when we have relaxed and released, our mind-body connection is open to receive Reiki, which is our birthright. 

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Welcome to the Studio

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Discover . . .

 . . . the healing nature of Sound

 . . . the benefits of Reiki

Relax, release, and receive  healing harmonics as your mind and spirit find alignment -- and your body resonates with the vibrations of singing bowls, tuning forks and the soothing vocalizations of healer, Amy Dove.

Reiki energy facilitates healing through divine life-force energy. As a Master Practitioner, Amy channels the life-force energy to the receiver, and intuitively tunes your energetic body. You'll come away from this touch-less healing relaxed, balanced and clear.

What to Expect during a Sound & Reiki Healing Session

Everything is vibration -- sound is only a vibration that the human ear can hear.

Utilizing singing bowls, and tuning forks, vibrations are created that the chakras, or energy centers, can 'hear', tuning and aligning the body so that it is more receptive to receive Reiki energy.

When you enter a session, wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will be clothed throughout the session, but it is best if none of your clothing or jewelry is binding or tight. 

Amy will discuss the session with you and answer any questions. You will then lie on the table during the hour-long session.

Amy requests your permission to bring your higher self into the space to facilitate the healing process. You'll contribute to the healing session through your intention to release and respond.

First you'll do some breath-work to help promote the relaxation necessary for the healing sounds to create the highest benefit to your body.   

Chakra tuning, finding and removing stuck energy, is followed by Reiki channeling into newly aligned energy centers.

While our mind-body connection is open, Reiki energy is intuitively channeled to enhance the body's own ability to heal.

At the end of the session, Amy will answer any questions and you will take home a bottle of water charged with the healing vibrations of the session, which can be taken orally by dropper-full before meditation or bedtime to renew the affects of the session. 

The price for a one hour session is $70.

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